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Brain injury research and solutions

While there are many scenarios that can cause a traumatic brain injury, Ohio residents may be most aware of the risks in sporting scenarios. Parents may be particularly concerned as their children participate in contact sports at school or in community leagues. However, people of all ages can suffer such injuries in sports situations, falls or car accidents.

One of the leading areas of misconception is that a brain injury results as the brain bounces around after some type of impact. However, the effect is more like gelatin being jostled in a container. Brain traumas may involve tissue damage such as tears, which could lead to cell death. However, solutions for the damage caused by such an injury have not been found. Cell death may not occur immediately, meaning that a TBI might not even be recognized until it has resulted in significant and irreparable damage.

Researchers are using brain tissue from rats to explore relationships between certain actions and resulting tissue death. Because rat brain tissue can survive for long periods of time, there is an opportunity to simulate situations that mirror the impact of car accidents and other events that might cause a TBI, monitoring the timing of tissue changes. Experts hope that the data collected from such studies will make it possible to identify proper timing and drugs that could be used to prevent tissue death. Meanwhile, reasonable precautions like using seat belts are still emphasized for their benefits in minimizing the risk of brain injury in car accidents.

People who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident might not immediately realize that they have received a strong blow to the head that could lead to brain damage. It may be wise to seek appropriate medical evaluation following an accident to ensure that the situation is documented and treated. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, it may also be advisable to meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss the legal remedies for seeking compensation that might be available.

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