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Inflammation may cause symptoms in TBI

Ohio residents who have suffered traumatic brain injuries may be interested in new research on what causes problems over the long term related to the injury. Two doctors from the University of Maryland School of Medicine believe that inflammation causes neuropsychiatric problems and chronic brain damage. The researchers have identified symptoms including cognitive decline and depression as possibly being caused by this long-term inflammation.

According to the doctors, their hypothesis is supported by brain imaging studies on football players and others with traumatic brain injuries that show brain inflammation. This type of inflammation can occur even after one moderate injury or a series of mild ones. Both researchers have pointed out that specific diagnoses associated with traumatic brain injury such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy tend to get more attention despite being relatively rare.

One of the doctors on the team has done previous research on the link between inflammation and traumatic brain injuries. One study examined the similarities between moderate or severe brain injuries and a series of milder ones and how those injuries affect cognition and mental health. The other study identified increased inflammation and a loss of neurons in the brains of animals with mild traumatic brain injury.

Although much publicity in this regard has been devoted to contact sports in general and National Football League players in particular, the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries have been found to be motor vehicle accidents. A victim who has suffered a brain injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another motorist may want to meet with a personal injury attorney to determine the methods for seeking compensation that may be available.

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