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Calming driving habits for a safer year on the road

The amount of time a motorist spends on Ohio roads can impact a variety of personal issues, including safety, insurance rates, and health. Statistics indicate that the average American motorist drives nearly 13,500 miles per year. These numbers vary based on age and gender, and those in the prime of their professional and family lives log the most miles annually, more than 15,000. While the time on the road may be unavoidable, there are some changes that can be made to improve one's state of mind and to minimize the risk of accidents.

Deadly incidents involving road rage nearly doubled from 2008 to 2012. Although a driver cannot necessarily control the attitudes and reactions of another motorist, it is possible to work on one's own responses to aggravating situations. Relaxation techniques are varied, but they may be helpful for improving one's attitude while on the road in frustrating driving conditions. Using commute time for other interests can also help. Audio books, language instruction CDs or classical music may be great options for an alternative focus.

Low insurance rates can contribute to a more cautious approach to commuting as well. Those whose records are free of automobile accidents may be able to achieve significant savings. It is also possible to reduce one's hours of driving and risk of accidents by participating in a car pool. This can also contribute to a less stressful outlook because of the savings in gasoline and wear on the vehicle.

An individual who has been injured in a road rage accident might be challenged during the first days following such an incident. Although the focus may be on medical treatment, managing pain, and getting the vehicle fixed, it may be helpful to discuss the incident with a lawyer to ensure that insurance claims are not closed before all physical issues have been properly evaluated and treated.

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