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Dangers of a minor head bump

While Ohio sports activities can pose a danger for head trauma to participants, there are many other ways in which an individual could suffer a brain injury. In fact, studies suggest that numerous individuals are affected by such issues annually. However, a brain injury can go unnoticed until serious symptoms become evident, especially in cases involving individuals who are older than 60.

The dura mater, or the brain's protective membrane, is connected to the organ by veins. As people age, the brain begins to shrink and can pull away from this membrane. As the veins remain attached to both parts, they can be at a greater risk for bleeding because they are more exposed. In the case of a bump or a jolt, bleeding can begin to occur as these veins tear. The oozing nature of the bleeding in this area can be gradual, making it difficult to immediately observe the effects of the injury. However, the blood can continue to pool in the area, an issue known as a subdural hematoma.

In some cases, a hematoma might be absorbed back into the body's tissue. If the injury is not healed naturally, however, the pressure from the blood on the surface of the brain could grow and seriously affect the injured party. In some cases, reflexes may seem delayed. An individual might experience weakness in their upper and lower extremities. He or she could begin to deal with changes in the way they think. An MRI might be required to identify the presence of a subdural hematoma, and surgery might be required to remove the blood.

A brain injury might not be immediately diagnosed in a slip-and-fall accident if there is no direct trauma to the head. The potential for the late onset of such conditions might be considered in coordinating a personal injury lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney if it can be determined that the fall occurred because of the negligence of another party.

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