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Winter driving and the danger of light snow

Ohio residents may easily recognize the need for caution during instances of heavy snow, but light snow may actually be more of a hazard on the roads. Statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration between 2004 and 2013 show that weather was the cause of approximately 25 percent of car accidents during that time period. Of these, 44 percent resulted from winter-related issues such as sleet, snow, and ice conditions.

Meteorologists suggest that it only takes a single inch of snow on the road to create a serious hazard, but light snow may not be perceived as a problem by drivers. There tend to be greater numbers of motorists on the roads during lighter storms, which increases the potential for car accidents. There can also be a delay in realizing that a light snow storm has affected road conditions, and motorists may maintain normal driving speeds. This can lead to greater difficulty in navigating one's vehicle if a slick location causes sliding.

Winter weather information can also be a factor in driving behavior. Advisories, for example, may be viewed as not being very serious. Blizzard warnings are more likely to cause motorists to change plans to avoid potential dangers on the road. Road condition can also be important as untreated roads are more likely to expose motorists to potential driving dangers. It is important to take all forms of moisture on the road seriously throughout the winter months to ensure that the risk of an accident is minimized.

A person who is injured in an accident caused by the unsafe driving of another party in any weather conditions could face serious challenges in the aftermath. Medical costs for evaluating and treating the injuries could be an issue for months or years to come. It may be helpful to discuss insurance claims and possible personal injury litigation with an attorney to better understand the available options for covering such costs.

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