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Less contentious system could change medical malpractice cases

Ohio patients who have experienced America's current medical malpractice system might like to know that some states are debating about a new approach. The former president of the Hospital Corporation of America is supporting a medical malpractice system in Georgia that works without addressing fault.

One benefit of a no-fault system may be that physicians would not be in a difficult position where they must choose between themselves or their patients as they could admit errors without being afraid of a malpractice suit. This could lead to better patient care, and the system could also work better when malpractice does take place because a patient would bring a complaint to an administrative law judge and a group of health care experts. Proponents of this system report that this would save time and reward more patients after mistakes occur.

The high cost of health care could also be linked to how expensive ligation can be, and a less adversarial system might change this. Denmark's medical malpractice system compensates patients and spreads information throughout hospitals so that future mistakes can be avoided. Conversely, the extent of harm suffered by a patient is hard to measure in the U.S. as secrecy is valued when errors happen.

While the system currently in place in the U.S. does have its challenges when a patient wants to file a medical malpractice claim, a patient does have the right to seek compensation when negligence occurs in a medical setting. This may involve things like medication errors or a misdiagnosis. Since the rules regarding medical malpractice are sometimes complicated and restrictive, obtaining the assistance of an experienced attorney can be advisable.

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