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Volvo seeks to eliminate fatalities in its cars by 2020

Volvo dealers have traditionally been a popular stop for Ohio car buyers who value safety and durability. The Swedish car maker has pioneered safety features that have saved the lives of many drivers and passengers, and many of the company's innovations have now become standard equipment in every passenger vehicle sold in the United States. The company has also been an advocate of autonomous vehicle technology, and many of the advances made in this field are being used to improve the safety capabilities of conventional cars, light trucks and SUVs.

Human error plays a key role in most fatal car crashes, but many in the automotive, computer and safety fields are hoping that self-driving cars will one day be in control and replace accident prone human beings. Volvo believes that improved road safety is a goal too important to wait for, and the carmaker believes that it can eliminate fatalities in its passenger vehicles altogether by 2020.

Volvo believes that this goal can be achieved by packing its vehicles with the latest active and passive safety features. The company says that more sophisticated airbags and impact protection measures will help passenger vehicle occupants to survive collisions, and sophisticated electronic systems that can handle driving duties in emergency situations may prevent a great meany accidents from occurring in the first place.

Personal injury attorneys who understand too well how a few seconds of recklessness can ruin lives will likely be among the most vocal supporters of technology that has the potential to save lives on the nation's roads. People who are injured in accidents caused by the negligence of another driver often face months or even years of painful physical therapy, and their attorneys may seek compensation for their lost wages as well as their medical expenses.

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