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Former Ohio private prison operator sued by Jimmy Dimora

It has been reported that Jimmy Dimora, the former Cuyahoga County Commissioner who is currently serving a 28-year federal prison sentence, will be allowed to proceed with his slip-and-fall personal injury lawsuit filed against Corrections Corporation of America. The lawsuit was filed over injuries Mr. Dimora received before he was sentenced and while he was housed in a Youngstown prison operated by the private prison company.

The incident took place in April 2012 when Mr. Dimora had been incarcerated for under two months. He slipped and fell in a puddle in the prison and was injured. The company had asked for the case to be dismissed, arguing that the puddle was obvious and easily avoidable and thus warnings were not necessary.

The U.S. District Court judge issued a nine-page ruling and indicated that the question of whether a hazard was obvious and open would be a question for a jury to determine. She ruled that Mr. Dimora's case can go forward. He is currently serving his prison sentence in California following his convictions for racketeering and corruption in federal court. He is seeking a minimum of $50,000 in damages from the private prison. The company lost its federal contract and no longer houses inmates at the Youngstown facility.

Businesses owe a duty to those who are lawfully on their premises to correct known hazards. A person who slips and falls on the premises of a business and who is injured as a result may want to seek the assistance of an attorney who has experience in premises liability litigation in seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses.

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