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Study examines reason for cognitive defects in TBI patients

People in Ohio who have incurred a traumatic brain injury may also suffer from a cognitive impairment as a result. According to a study in the Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, people who had a TBI at least six months earlier have connectivity disruptions between different parts of their brain that could be the reason for these impairments, which tend to be higher order deficits. These networks are all critical in learning, problem-solving and planning.

The study compared 17 MRI scans of healthy people against 40 scans of people with TBI. They matched for age, gender and education. On average, it was eight years since people had experienced the TBI. The participants ranged in age from 19 to 45.

Researchers said it was the first study that showed the connectivity problems between networks in people with TBI. The result of these disruptions is a less-efficient brain. Future studies will focus on improving those connections in people with TBI.

Automobile accidents are a common cause of brain injury. One can also occur when a person is playing sports, in a fall or as a result of an assault. It is also possible that a brain injury or the extent of the injury may not be immediately obvious.

A person who has suffered a brain injury may want to contact an attorney. It is an injury that can be both expensive and life-altering, and another person or party might be responsible for it. For example, if the person was on private premises and slipped and fell due to an obstacle or other unsafe conditions, the owner of the premises might be held responsible. An attorney may be helpful to negotiate with the responsible party's insurance company or to possibly file a lawsuit if the insurance company offers inadequate compensation.

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