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Tuberculosis is still prevalent

While some Ohioans may think tuberculosis is a disease of the past, it is still very prevalent around the world. Most cases occur in developing countries, but outbreaks do happen in the U.S.

TheCenters for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 9,421 people in the U.S. became ill with tuberculosis in 2014. One major issue in America is that doctors are not accustomed to seeing tuberculosis. This makes the disease very likely to be misdiagnosed and the patient to receive the wrong treatment for the illness.

Worldwide, 2014 saw 9.6 million people infected with tuberculosis, leading to 1.5 million deaths from the disease. When it is properly diagnosed, the disease is relatively easy to treat. When it goes without a diagnosis or an incorrect one is given, the disease can progress and the person can die. Misdiagnosis is especially problematic for children. Doctors diagnose tuberculosis by testing the sputum that the person coughs up. Children are often unable to be able to cough up sputum when they are asked to do so, making diagnoses more difficult to obtain.

A failure to diagnose a treatable disease that then progresses, causing serious injury or a fatality, is a type of medical malpractice. People who have been the victims of such medical negligence or the families of those who have died because of it may want to talk to a medical malpractice attorney to see what remedies may be available. It must be shown that the medical practitioner or facility failed to provide the requisite standard of care, and an attorney will attempt to determine this through a review of the patient's hospital records and from the opinions of medical experts.

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