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Deep sleep may help with head injury healing

Ohio parents may worry about the risk of traumatic brain injury as their children participate in sports, but there are many additional situations in which a TBI can be a serious concern for people of all ages. Elderly individuals, for example, could experience an increased risk of falling, which is a major cause of head trauma. Car accidents are another issue as impact could occur when a vehicle is rear ended or side-swiped. Regardless of the issue causing a TBI, diagnosing and treating this type of health issue is a major source of concern for those affected. A study may provide valuable insight related to minimizing the long-term damage in such cases.

The study in question detailed the results with lab rats as the impact of sleep on the animals was viewed in connection with a TBI. Of the three groups studied, all were dealt blows to the head. In two of the groups, deep sleep was induced either with medication or through natural means. In the third group, deep sleep was avoided as a placebo injection was used. The two groups that experienced deep sleep demonstrated much better cognitive abilities after the sleep period than was observed in the placebo group.

Deep sleep allows the brain to cleanse itself of proteins that have collected, which may be the clue needed for healing those affected by head injuries. Additional study will be needed to identify the exact processes in question and to determine the potential application in humans because neurological results in rats don't always produce equivalent outcomes in people.

An individual dealing with long-term problems because of a brain injury caused by the negligence of another party may want the assistance of an attorney in pursuing compensation. Examples of situations in which this might apply include a fall on a slippery surface in a supermarket or a motor vehicle accident caused by an impaired or distracted driver.

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