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Technology may hold the key to accurate TBI diagnosis

Many Ohio residents suffer traumatic brain injuries every year, and even head injuries that appear minor can cause symptoms such as memory loss, chronic headaches and fatigue that may persist for years. Figures from the CDC reveal that more than 50,000 Americans die each year after suffering a serious head injury, but medical professionals often have little in the way of accurate data to work with when diagnosing this kind of trauma.

A New York-based technology company has addressed this problem by developing a wearable device that measures the frequency and force of blows to the head and relays the data collected to either a smartphone or tablet computer. The device can be fitted inside the helmets or headbands worn by athletes, and it can provide coaches or doctors with warnings that a head injury may have occurred quickly enough to prevent further damage being done. The application also allows the cognitive functions of athletes to be measured on the sidelines, which could prevent injured players being sent back into the fray.

Technology has also been developed to measures the explosive forces that first responders and military personnel are sometimes exposed to. The technology was developed with funding provided by DARPA, and it is currently used by U.S. Special Forces units and law enforcement agencies like the FBI. The system measures the strength of the shock waves that follow explosions and relays the data to nearby triage units.

While head injuries are commonly associated with football and other contact sports, they can also be incurred in car accidents or slips and falls. When the injury was caused by the negligence of another party, such as a distracted driver or a store owner that failed to correct a hazardous condition, a lawyer can often be of assistance to a victim in seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses.

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