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When should patients worry about past medical malpractice claims

It can be very concerning for Ohio patients to learn that their doctor has had a medical malpractice case filed against them in the past. However, not all medical malpractice cases lead to an admission of guilt. Many cases settle before the case ever goes to trial. The doctor may not have been at fault. Even with this knowledge, it still can be difficult to know when to worry.

Patients should be concerned if the doctor has a pattern of lawsuits and payouts. In fact, only about 15 percent of all who had been practicing since 1990 had at least one malpractice payout according to an analysis of data from the National Practitioner Data Bank. Less than 2 percent of physicians practicing since 1990 had two or more medical malpractice payouts.

In order to determine if the doctor has a pattern of medical malpractice claims filed against them, the patient will need to visit the Ohio state medical board. While it can still be difficult to find information about medical malpractice lawsuits and their outcomes, the state medical board websites are a good place to start. If patients are not comfortable with their doctor or believe they have been harmed, they should seek a second opinion from another doctor.

If a patient has evidence to believe that they have suffered serious harm that was caused by a medication error or doctor error, a medical negligence attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the doctor or the hospital that was responsible for causing the errors. In some cases, the attorney may help the injured patient seek compensation that covers their medical care and other damages that were associated with the injury. Often, the cases settle out of court. Otherwise, the attorney may represent their patient if the case goes to trial.

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