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June 2016 Archives

Blast trauma to brains linked to veterans' symptoms

In Ohio and across the country, stories about veterans struggling with headaches, memory problems, loss of mental focus or emotional volatility have become painfully familiar. Proximity to explosions had been suspected as the source of brain damage, but physicians often did not find evidence of this on the brain scans of veterans experiencing symptoms.

MRI positioning could impact results for breast cancer patients

Ohio women may be interested in a study that suggests the position a breast cancer patient is placed in for her pre-surgical breast MRI could impact the accuracy of the scan. The small-scale study was published in the journal Radiology on June 22.

Hazmat team called to the scene of Ohio accident

Ohio authorities called in a hazmat crew on the afternoon of June 20 when a semi-truck that had been hauling gasoline was involved in an accident with two other vehicles in Licking County. The accident took place on U.S. Route 62 at approximately 3:30 p.m. A medical helicopter was also dispatched to the scene.

Test to diagnose brain injuries being developed

At first glance, the symptoms of TBI and PTSD look the same. Common symptoms include an inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression and fatigue. A traumatic brain injury occurs after a hit to the head while PTSD occurs after being put in a traumatic or stressful situation like combat. It is estimated that 8 million people suffer from PTSD while there are another 1.3 million in the United States with a TBI, including many in Ohio.

Disney was warned of gator danger prior to deadly attack

Ohio parents are likely aware of the horrific alligator attack that killed a 2-year-old boy at Disney World in June. According to media reports, employees warned Disney that alligators were a problem around the lagoon prior to the deadly incident and asked that a fence be erected to protect guests.

Tesla may be setting the trend for vehicle data collection

Tesla Motors vehicles are equipped with data recording devices that gather information that could determine who or what is at fault in a car accident. Although drivers in Ohio may find it intrusive to operate a vehicle that records their driving habits, research shows that even rudimentary data collection devices on vehicles can reduce crash rates.

Researchers aim to diagnose CTE in living subjects

Ohio football fans may have seen a good deal of news coverage of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the frequency with which former NFL players are diagnosed with this after their deaths. Researchers say that starting in summer 2016, they are going to begin an effort to diagnose CTE in people while they are still alive.

Plastic surgery results in coma

Ohio residents who are considering plastic surgery should keep in mind that it can carry dangers like any other surgical procedure. In 2013, a Florida doctor who had served time in prison for selling drugs online illegally was performing breast augmentation surgery on an 18-year-old woman. She suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate during the surgery. The doctor attempted to revive her, but the Florida Department of Health found that he provided an inadequate airway in the process. The woman fell into a two-week coma.

Over 10 people a day die in teen car crashes during summer

Teenagers in Ohio relish the freedom that the summer months provide for them. Naturally, this means spending more time driving while on break from school. According to AAA, deaths from car crashes that involve teen drivers increase 16 percent during the period between Memorial Day and when school starts in August.

Increase in Ohio road deaths outpace national average

A report released by the National Safety Council reveals that 499 people lost their lives on Ohio's roads during the first six months of 2015. This number represents an increase of 17 percent when compared to the 425 road users who were killed in the Buckeye State during the first six months of 2014. The Ohio figures reflect a national trend that saw highway fatalities increase by 14 percent and serious injuries surge by 30 percent during these periods. Lower fatality and injury rates were only observed by the NSC in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

Insurance company lowballing crash victims

Ohio statutes set forth the concept of comparative negligence, which allows for the possibility of dividing responsibility among drivers in an accident when it comes to awarding damages. A journalistic investigation of one man's trouble collecting a settlement revealed that an insurance company has repeatedly cited this legal concept without apparent justification to reduce accident compensation to injured victims.

Recommendations for reducing medical errors

People in Ohio may have heard that there is an increasing awareness of the high incidence of medical errors. One published study has found that as many as 250,000 people may die annually in the United States because of these errors. Few of those errors are as high profile as the case of comedian Joan Rivers whose family settled a malpractice suit with the New York clinic where she was treated and died.

NFL attempt to influence brain injury study

Ohio coaches likely realize that a serious blow to the head can take an individual out of play at a critical stage in a game. Concussion protocol has been a huge focus in both professional and amateur sports since a link between brain disease and football activities was identified by a researcher at Boston University. Although the NFL indicated that it would contribute $30 billion for research in this area, the league later withdrew its support after unsuccessfully attempting to influence the selection of a grant recipient for further study in this area.

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