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Over 10 people a day die in teen car crashes during summer

Teenagers in Ohio relish the freedom that the summer months provide for them. Naturally, this means spending more time driving while on break from school. According to AAA, deaths from car crashes that involve teen drivers increase 16 percent during the period between Memorial Day and when school starts in August.

The research and education group at AAA refers to this time as the "100 deadliest days." After studying data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, researchers at AAA calculated that 1,022 people died in teen car accidents each summer on average over the last five years. This equaled over 10 vehicular fatalities each day.

The AAA director of state relations said that the distraction of using cell phones behind the wheel contributed to many teen car accidents. Texting and posting to social media sites have increased in recent years and added to the risks of an already dangerous driving season. Another researcher from AAA added that the rise of texting over simply talking on a cell phone has replaced a dangerous activity with an even more hazardous alternative. Many teens do not even see the cars that they collide with because of their cell phone use, he said.

The victim of a car accident caused by a negligent driver could seek help from an attorney when preparing a personal injury claim. An attorney could document evidence from the car crash and present it in court. The case might be further strengthened if an attorney collects expert testimony from an accident reconstruction specialist. When negligence can be shown, a lawsuit might succeed in collecting compensation for medical bills, property damage and lost income.

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