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Plastic surgery results in coma

Ohio residents who are considering plastic surgery should keep in mind that it can carry dangers like any other surgical procedure. In 2013, a Florida doctor who had served time in prison for selling drugs online illegally was performing breast augmentation surgery on an 18-year-old woman. She suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate during the surgery. The doctor attempted to revive her, but the Florida Department of Health found that he provided an inadequate airway in the process. The woman fell into a two-week coma.

Despite both that finding and the earlier conviction, the doctor is still permitted to practice medicine. After the incident with the woman in the coma, he was required to take 15 hours of continuing education and pay a fine of $10,000.

Three years later, the woman in the case still can only stand for moments at a time and can speak just a few words. Her family is struggling to raise her now 6-year-old son.

Medical errors can happen in many different ways. In surgery, a person might receive the wrong type or dosage of anesthesia, or the wrong type of surgery might be performed. Medication errors and wrong diagnoses are common mistakes that could have devastating or even deadly consequences. A person who has been harmed because of a mistake made by a medical professional might want to speak with an attorney about the advisability of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. If the responsible party agrees to settle out of court or if the case goes to court and is successful, the compensation might cover medical expenses as well as other costs such as lost wages.

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