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Tesla may be setting the trend for vehicle data collection

Tesla Motors vehicles are equipped with data recording devices that gather information that could determine who or what is at fault in a car accident. Although drivers in Ohio may find it intrusive to operate a vehicle that records their driving habits, research shows that even rudimentary data collection devices on vehicles can reduce crash rates.

Tesla continuously monitors its vehicles online and is able to collect precise data, such as when and how quickly a vehicle accelerates. This was the case for one Tesla Model X SUV, which the driver claimed had accelerated on its own into a building. With the information that had been transmitted, Tesla was able to verify that the vehicle was actually traveling at a very low rate of speed when the accelerator pedal was suddenly fully engaged due to the driver's negligence.

Currently, just 25 percent of newly manufactured vehicles have the capability to record. Although the information collected is not as detailed as the data Tesla obtains, vehicles sold by other manufacturers are equipped with event data recorders and automotive Internet connectivity is becoming more popular. Wireless vehicle data collection is expected to become a standard feature by 2020.

The collected vehicle data is a valuable asset for the automotive industry as it is increasingly being used in vehicle accident investigations and can also be used to build autonomous vehicles. However, one of its biggest advantages is the insurance-related business opportunities it can provide to car manufacturers.

Vehicles that are outfitted with the technology that can monitor and record driving habits and vehicle motion are becoming the standard in the automotive industry. In the event of an automobile accident, a personal injury attorney may be consulted regarding assessing such data and possible negligence claims.

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