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Truck accident claims and settlements

When a truck accident takes place in Ohio, the truck driver may be criminally charged for negligence if they were at fault. Regardless of whether or not the truck driver faces criminal charges, the injured victim can file a separate personal injury claim in a civil court. A plaintiff in a personal injury claim typically asks for financial compensation for their damages from the liable parties.

While a truck accident claim is being litigated in court, the parties involved might be able to come to an agreement about a settlement outside of court. Though settlement negotiations can take place while litigation is going on, the court case will end once parties agree on a legal truck accident settlement.

There are advantages and disadvantages of settling truck accident claims. Reaching a settlement can save both parties time and money and prevent details of the accident from going public. However, the injured party may receive a smaller financial award in a settlement than they would have received had they continued litigation. Some truck accident victims may want to hold the negligent truck driver or transportation company responsible for their actions in a public process, and an out-of-court settlement would deny that opportunity. When a settlement is reached, neither party admits they are at fault.

A lawyer may be able to advise a truck accident victim about whether or not they should settle their case outside of court. In some cases, a victim may prefer to settle because the process is much faster than litigation. If a defendant decides to appeal a court's initial ruling, this can make the litigation process take even longer. Some truck accident victims may choose not to settle so that they can pursue a larger monetary award.

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