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December 2016 Archives

Commercial drivers are making safer choices behind the wheel

Bad commercial driver behavior is declining. The results from a nationwide study show that commercial driver behavior is actually getting better every year. While commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are getting safer, passenger vehicle drivers become increasingly reckless.

Truck Enforcement Goes up in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

The motor carrier officials will turn their sights on commercial truckers during the week of December 5-9. The so-called "Eyes on 94" will focus on the I-94 corridor and other major highways criss-crossing Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The idea is for law enforcement officers to focus on violations that commonly cause crashes - speeding, distracted driving, improper passing and improper lane use.

DOT Proposes New Guidelines to Address Driver Distraction

It's obvious to anyone who drives that we and our fellow drivers are more distracted than ever before. Of course cars now have screens, internet access, mapping, satellite radio and other modern gadgetry, but it is mobile devices that still pose the biggest danger.

Driverless trucks coming to the Ohio Turnpike

You've heard of self-driving cars... get ready for the driverless semi

Emerging technology has always played an important role in keeping the trucking industry as safe as possible. Speed limiters, on-board navigation and guidance systems are all technological innovations that have made driving safer - and yet thousands of Americans die in accidents with large trucks every year.

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