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Driverless trucks coming to the Ohio Turnpike

You've heard of self-driving cars... get ready for the driverless semi

Emerging technology has always played an important role in keeping the trucking industry as safe as possible. Speed limiters, on-board navigation and guidance systems are all technological innovations that have made driving safer - and yet thousands of Americans die in accidents with large trucks every year.

In hopes of bringing that number down in the future, Ohio recently welcomed a self-driving truck called Otto to the Turnpike. The Volvo semi, which recently completed the first driverless commercial trucking delivery, will be tested on two routes in Ohio -- accompanied by humans to ensure their safety.

No driver, no errors?

Every day, we handle cases involving truck driver negligence. Even the most diligent and careful truckers are vulnerable to human mistakes like speeding, drowsiness or failing to check a blind spot. But Otto's manufacturers say they can decrease, or eliminate, those errors.

Otto is equipped with a variety of sensors that can perceive the speed and position of other vehicles. This allows the truck to constantly maintain a safe distance from traffic. And in sudden traffic incidents where split-second reactions can be life or death, Otto's computers can help its operator react quickly and correctly.

Some accidents are unavoidable

However, there are still times when an accident may be inevitable - like when another driver hits a truck at high speeds or dangerous conditions affect a vehicle's operation. If Otto becomes a regular sight on Ohio highways, accident victims and their attorneys will likely face new challenges determining who is legally responsible.

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