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How to drive safely near trucks

There are many tips out there for safe driving habits, but you should take special caution when driving near a truck. All drivers should understand trucks' blind spots and lack of mobility, especially since a crash with a truck is almost always devastating or lethal.

Blind spots

One of the most important things for drivers to know about trucks is that they have large blind spots in front, behind, and along their sides. What does this mean for car drivers?

When a truck is on the road, you should refrain from driving immediately behind it. It is better to drive a slight distance away for visibility and in case the truck stops or slows unexpectedly.

If you are going to pass, move to an outside lane and give the trucker time to see you, then pass quickly. While directly next to a truck, you cannot be seen, so try not to linger or drive there for an extended time. Drive ahead a short distance before switching back to the other lane since there is a blind spot in front of the truck too.

If a truck is entering the freeway near you, either speed up or slow down accordingly to give the trucker room. You could be in the truck's blind spots if you drive next to it while it is merging.

Wide turns

Because trucks are so much larger and longer than other vehicles, they make very wide turns. At intersections or turns, be aware of the truck's intentions at all times. Watch for a turn signal. As a general rule of thumb, you should never drive on the inside of a truck. Some trucks actually need to be one lane over to complete a right turn. If you are driving in the lane to the right of the truck when it needs to turn, you could be cut off and in a very dangerous position.

Give trucks extra room and caution overall. Especially at an intersection, assume the truck needs more room and more time to turn than cars do.

If injured in a truck accident

Sadly, even the most careful drivers can still end up in a vehicle collision. Truck accidents almost always cause significant injury. If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident, an experienced trucking accident attorney can talk with you about what to do next and your options for having medical bills and lost income covered.

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