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May 2017 Archives

Allegedly negligent driver blamed for Ohio woman's death

Picking up and relocating to a new city is difficult enough, but starting over in a whole new country may be even more challenging. One woman who immigrated from her home country and recently moved to Ohio was killed earlier this month by an allegedly negligent driver. Police have charged him with vehicular homicide.

A quick look at the Hours of Service Rules, and why they matter to truck accident victims

Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, and many accidents are preventable. One common cause of preventable truck accidents is driver fatigue. Lack of proper rest can be a problem for any motorist, of course, but truck drivers are particularly prone to fatigue because of long hours on the road and industry pressure to maximize productivity.

A commercial vehicle accident can deliver horrific injuries

Several years ago, a package delivery company used the tag line "What can Brown do for you?" as a way of implying that the company can make your daily life easier with fast delivery of your packages. Unfortunately, however, these services and their vehicles can cause devastating harm if you or a loved one become a victim of a commercial vehicle accident. Ohio residents have seen their fair share of tragedies caused by these collisions.

What if a distracted driver causes your life to take a detour?

Ever since the invention of the automobile, there have been continual advances focused on making them safer to drive. However, along with the safety features may come complacency on the part of drivers that lulls them into believing that they can engage in other activities while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a distracted driver accident is all too common, in Ohio and across the country.

Fatal accidents in Ohio: How do they happen?

Since 2012, there is no appreciable change in the number of traffic fatalities occurring in Ohio each year. However, the figures still seem high. In 2016 for example, 1,133 people died in all types of traffic accidents - 23 more than died in 2015.

CVSA expected to nab thousands of trucks for safety violations

Every June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts a safety inspection blitz throughout North America. The inspections are designed to underscore the importance of safety in truck operations - and to find dangerous trucks and out-of-compliance drivers and correct the problems.

After a truck accident, take action quickly

In Ohio, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit after a vehicle accident. As an accident victim, you may prefer to focus on your recovery before taking legal action. But there are many reasons why you should seek legal advice and representation as quickly as possible.

Passenger car, truck accident leads to child's death

Nothing is more ordinary in the modern day life than running errands and doing the daily chores while driving along the local roads and highways. Most probably never give a thought that this particular errand or trip will end in a tragically life-altering event. One Ohio family has just suffered a horrific truck accident that has forever changed their lives.

Is truck hacking the next big threat to motorists?

There are many factors that contribute to commercial truck accidents on American roads. Distracted drivers, trucker fatigue, dangerous road conditions and high speeds all cause collisions on a regular basis. But the industry has recently become concerned with a new threat - one they fear could strike virtually any truck at any place or time.

Too many truckers on the road without qualifying credentials

Drive down any highway in America and you are likely to pass -- or get passed by -- a large 18-wheeler. Out on the interstate, it often seems as if there are more tractor trailers than passenger cars. As the saying goes, America moves by truck. But have you ever wondered whether every driver behind the wheels of those big rigs is fully qualified?

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