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What if a distracted driver causes your life to take a detour?

Ever since the invention of the automobile, there have been continual advances focused on making them safer to drive. However, along with the safety features may come complacency on the part of drivers that lulls them into believing that they can engage in other activities while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a distracted driver accident is all too common, in Ohio and across the country.

One of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving involves the use of a cell phone while driving. It may only take mere seconds before your life is forever altered because a driver believed that he or she could answer a text or view a webpage while headed your way on the highway. One driver's concern about where to go to dinner could result in an victim requiring assistance to eat for the rest of his or her life.

There are other distractions that may seem to take precedence on a driver's part. Even answering a phone call or deciding to change a disc in the CD player could result in a serious accident. Some drivers even engage in personal grooming while on their way to a destination, not realizing that their victims in a car crash may end up in a trauma center instead of the family gathering they were anticipating.

Driving a car is a privilege that requires the full attention on the part of the driver. Allowing other activities to divide one's attention can result in your life being forever detoured, either through the injuries you suffered or through the unspeakable pain of losing your loved one. While nothing eases the physical or emotional pain that an Ohio distracted driver can cause, there are resources that can help you recover any monetary losses occasioned by this act of negligence.  

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