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Trucking automation is hoped to lessen risks of trucking accident

There has been much talk over the past several decades of the dangers posed to jobs by inevitable advances in automation. One area where it is projected to become a reality is within the trucking industry. Supporters believe that doing so may lessen the chances of a trucking accident. Whether Ohio travelers will benefit remains to be seen.

Industry and science innovators have projected that by 2027, the trucking industry will be revolutionized by automated rigs. Of the estimated 3.7 million professional truckers, it is projected that about one-third of them will be replaced by the changes in technology. One company in particular, Otto, which is the company owned by Uber, is making rapid advances in perfecting driverless tractors. The company claims that it has developed a program that allows the truck to operate for extended periods without the assistance of a person.

Scientists and developers state that automation may make the highways safer since many wrecks are attributed to driver error, namely fatigue behind the wheel. According to statistics, an estimated 14 percent of fatal wrecks are the result of a truck driver falling asleep. Many are unsure whether there will still be a need for drivers to be on board these commercial vehicles as they travel across the country.

It is unclear at this time as to whether these automated tractor-trailers are safer. With computer programs, there are often glitches that can occur at any time; if these occur at highway speeds with a heavy load, the results could be catastrophic for fellow motorists. Ohio residents who have been injured in a trucking accident often have more than just their horrifying physical injuries as they may also have sustained serious monetary damages. A personal injury attorney who is skilled in these types of claims could provide valuable assistance.

Source: mic.com, "When will automation take over the trucking industry? Scientists now have an estimate", Susmita Baral, June 19, 2017

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