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Technology advancements can help prevent a truck accident

During the first 70 plus years of the trucking industry, safety advances were limited and focused primarily on the skills and training of the driver and the equipment. However, during the past 30 years, technology has enabled the industry to make great strides in its safety enhancements. While not every trucking company is fully implementing the available tools, doing so could help ensure the safety of Ohio residents by preventing a tragic truck accident.

The braking systems were the first to benefit from technology innovations. The addition of electronic braking sensors and automatic braking ability were tremendous advancements that helped prevent some serious accidents. However, there have been several other technological improvements that can greatly reduce the instances of crashes when fully implemented. Systems that can help regulate steering and speed control can allow a driver to avoid many situations that would otherwise result in a serious crash.

Even though electronic safety mechanisms are proving to be beneficial in preventing crashes and lowering insurance costs, there are still many operators who are slow to take advantage of these tools. However, there are federal mandates on tap that will ensure that many of these large vehicles are equipped with the latest technology. By Aug. 2019, the vast majority of trucks on the road will be incorporating the newest updates in safety systems.

While not every commercial vehicle will be outfitted with these safety features, the mandates are seen as a way to help prevent the possibility of a catastrophic truck accident that can take a heavy toll in both lives and monetary damages. However, if truck drivers are not well trained and equipment is not well maintained, these tragic accidents will still occur regardless of safety features. In addition, technology can fail when it is most needed. Ohio families who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one due to a terrible wreck may choose to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the party or parties deemed responsible in an effort to recover their often significant monetary losses.

Source: trucker.com, "Safety Tech: Analyzing the Value", Sean Kilcarr, July 20, 2017

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