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There will still be problems with self-driving vehicles

In the last few weeks, we have spoken about two critical issues out on the road right now: distracted driving and the concept of self-driving or autonomous vehicles. With any luck, self-driving cars will drastically cut down the accident rate for all vehicle types, mainly because these vehicles will eliminate the common factor in most accidents: the human element.

We as people make mistakes. We're really good at that. So when we're behind the wheel of a multi-ton vehicle that can travel at high speeds and we have a momentary lapse in judgement, the likelihood of an accident dramatically increases. These accidents could lead to personal injury lawsuits, where the victims point to the reckless person's actions as a reason why the accident happened and, thus, why they are suffering now.

Hopefully self-driving cars fix this, but they will come with their own problems. For example, how would mechanical failures on self-driving technology be handled if they directly caused an accident? Who would be at fault in these situations? What about drivers that choose to disengage the self-driving aspect of their cars? How does liability work in that situation?

This will be a problem across the vehicle spectrum. Whether it is self-driving trucks, self-driving buses, or self-driving cars, new issues will pop up as a result of autonomous vehicles being out on the road. Victims of accidents in these cases will need legal representation to ensure their interests are being protected. And at Volkema Thomas Miller & Scott, we will stand with you in this regard.

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