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October 2017 Archives

Ohio car crash causes injuries to drivers

Many people may associate late nights or rush hours with a higher risk for being involved in a traffic accident. However, a serious car crash can occur any time of day without warning. A mid-day wreck in Ohio resulted in two people suffering serious injuries.

Bus driver enters guilty plea after woman's death

Those who travel the streets of Ohio towns likely do not consider the possibility that the most ordinary decisions -- such as crossing a street -- can end in tragedy. However, accidents happen without warning and are frequently the result of negligence on the part of another party. Recently, a bus driver entered a guilty plea for causing the death of a pedestrian last year.

CEO urges help for diabetics to avoid commercial vehicle accident

A CEO with a health care company is urging owners of fleet trucking companies to provide support to drivers who are diagnosed with diabetes. According to statistics, truckers are 50 percent more likely to develop this disease than the rest of the population, and there are frequent reports of a serious commercial vehicle accident resulting from a driver suffering from a medical emergency. There are many Ohio residents who have either suffered serious injuries or endured the loss of a loved one due to these often preventable accidents.

Technology application may be a factor in a truck accident

The trucking industry has access to more safety technology than ever before. According to several studies and an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, it is how that technology is applied that poses the greatest risk when it comes to avoiding a serious truck accident. Ohio officials have investigated a significant number of these often fatal collisions, and any improvements in commercial truck safety would likely be a welcome tool in the effort to reduce these wrecks.

First deadly self-driving car crash involved semi-truck

Nearly a year and a half ago, a Tesla enthusiast was fatally injured in a car crash while in autopilot mode. This was the first fatality reported for the self-driving cars that are becoming more popular each year.

Can cell phones be used to stop cell phone use while driving?

Although everyone knows the dangers of cell phone use while driving, it seems that almost everyone continues to use cell phones while driving. If even anti-distracted driving laws and knowledge of the dangers can’t stop people from engaging in this dangerous behavior, what can prevent the dangers of cell phone use while driving?

Recognizing common types of nursing home abuse

There is an estimated, two million adults aged 65 or older who live as residents of nursing homes across the country. As the population continues to age and these numbers increase, cases where elderly residents fail to receive the proper care they require will continue to rise as well. While there are many cases where residents in overcrowded or understaffed facilities report some form of neglect, there are also many cases where elderly patients and residents are the victims of some form of abuse committed by those who have been trusted with their care. 

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