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Can cell phones be used to stop cell phone use while driving?

Although everyone knows the dangers of cell phone use while driving, it seems that almost everyone continues to use cell phones while driving. If even anti-distracted driving laws and knowledge of the dangers can’t stop people from engaging in this dangerous behavior, what can prevent the dangers of cell phone use while driving?

Perhaps cell phones can be the answer. What if cell phones were set up to shut off while driving? Could this type of technological innovation be the solution needed to minimize distracted driving accidents?

Cell Phone Blocking Technology

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 70% of drivers admit to using cell phones while driving even though they know the risks, but cell phone technology already exists to prevent this behavior.

Cell phone blocking technology exists – and is readily available – for drivers. This technology automatically turns the phone off when the driver is in motion. It is a great tool especially for parents of teen drivers – the most likely to use their phones while driving. But this technology can be used by anyone with a cell phone.

Even Hands-Free Phones Are Dangerous

According to the article, hands-free devices are not significantly less dangerous than regular cell phones. The problem is that, even though a driver’s hands may be free, the act of talking on the phone causes an inherent distraction. According to NSC, “[t]his phenomenon is called ‘inattention blindness’ and can lead to drivers missing items such as stop signs and pedestrians.’

Do not take the dangers of distracted driving lightly. If you are a regular cell phone user while driving, please consider a safety app like cell phone blocking. It could save your life and keep the roads safer for everyone around you.

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