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CEO urges help for diabetics to avoid commercial vehicle accident

A CEO with a health care company is urging owners of fleet trucking companies to provide support to drivers who are diagnosed with diabetes. According to statistics, truckers are 50 percent more likely to develop this disease than the rest of the population, and there are frequent reports of a serious commercial vehicle accident resulting from a driver suffering from a medical emergency. There are many Ohio residents who have either suffered serious injuries or endured the loss of a loved one due to these often preventable accidents.

According to this professional with a company that provides coverage for employees with diabetes, truckers who have this chronic and progressive disease require more support in order to live a healthier life and reduce the risks their condition poses to both themselves and other motorists. He is educating both drivers and their employers on the importance of providing the guidance they need to help slow the progression of the disease and allow a driver to retain his or her job for a longer time period. The working conditions for these professional drivers make it more difficult to manage their disease effectively without the proper tools and preparation.

Drivers who are insulin-dependant do have more restrictions to comply with in order to continue driving. However, the stresses that drivers face often make it more difficult to maintain steady blood sugar levels. Lack of careful planning and irregular working hours can all impact how effectively a driver can manage the condition and still operate these trucks safely.

This CEO stresses how individual coaching and support can enable these truckers to keep their disease progression in check. However, those who develop nerve or eye complications as a result of diabetes are prohibited from driving. While it is important to assist patients in properly managing one's disease, eliminating the risks these drivers pose to other motorists may take precedence over the desire to help these drivers retain their commercial licenses. Ohio residents who are struggling to recover from the physical and emotional injuries that a commercial vehicle accident caused may also have sustained significant monetary damages as well. A successful personal injury civil claim may allow victims to recover these damages and allow them to focus on regaining their physical health.

Source: fleetowner.com, "Diabetes in trucking: Three things you need to know", Sean Kilcarr, Oct. 6, 2017

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