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Technology application may be a factor in a truck accident

The trucking industry has access to more safety technology than ever before. According to several studies and an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, it is how that technology is applied that poses the greatest risk when it comes to avoiding a serious truck accident. Ohio officials have investigated a significant number of these often fatal collisions, and any improvements in commercial truck safety would likely be a welcome tool in the effort to reduce these wrecks.

Last year, media outlets carried coverage concerning a fatal wreck that occurred between a tractor-trailer and a passenger car. The car was outfitted with technology owned by Tesla that allowed for some autonomous operation of the vehicle. When the accident occurred, many critics blamed a failure on the part of the self-driving program; however, the investigation revealed that driver errors instead were the cause of the crash. The NTSB determined that the truck driver failed to obey traffic signs, and the driver of the car relied on the Tesla technology.

While there have been numerous advances in safety features for large commercial vehicles, studies have shown that failure to pay attention is the leading cause of the majority of trucking accidents. Another concern that safety advocates have pointed out is the reluctance on the part of some trucking companies to convert to air disk brakes instead of the outdated drum brakes that many truckers still rely on. These brakes are the reason that more than 25 percent of these vehicles are removed from the highways during the annual safety inspections.

While the cost of the newer brakes may be higher initially, the cost savings over time would benefit the owners and operators while increasing the safety for all motorists on the roads. Officials and industry insiders have lamented that while there is an abundance of safety features available, it the proper use of those technologies that can prevent the risk of a serious truck accident. In the meantime, those in Ohio who have suffered serious injuries as a result of these often terrifying crashes may wish to seek recompense for their monetary losses through the successful filing of a personal injury civil suit.

Source: fleetowner.com, "Bendix: Truck technology implementation is the real struggle", Sean Kilcarr, Sept. 29, 2017

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