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The 10 most dangerous intersections in Franklin County

Recently, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) released a report detailing Central Ohio’s 100 most dangerous intersections for the years 2014-2016. The Commission arrived at its list using a formula that includes each intersection’s traffic volume, history of accidents and the severity of those accidents.

Can cell phones be used to stop cell phone use while driving?

Although everyone knows the dangers of cell phone use while driving, it seems that almost everyone continues to use cell phones while driving. If even anti-distracted driving laws and knowledge of the dangers can’t stop people from engaging in this dangerous behavior, what can prevent the dangers of cell phone use while driving?

Recognizing common types of nursing home abuse

There is an estimated, two million adults aged 65 or older who live as residents of nursing homes across the country. As the population continues to age and these numbers increase, cases where elderly residents fail to receive the proper care they require will continue to rise as well. While there are many cases where residents in overcrowded or understaffed facilities report some form of neglect, there are also many cases where elderly patients and residents are the victims of some form of abuse committed by those who have been trusted with their care. 

White House nixes sleep apnea screening requirement for truckers

With truck drivers driving long hours, often without adequate sleep, safety experts and officials are constantly looking for ways to ensure they remain well rested for the sake of all motorists. However, a recent move by the federal government may compromise those efforts.

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