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GPS mistakes truck drivers make

Truck drivers use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) more than car drivers. Mostly, this is a good thing. GPS helps drivers deliver cargo to the proper destination on time, with as few navigational errors as possible.

The health condition that's putting American drivers at risk

In the world of commercial trucking, time is money. Truck drivers are expected to drive massive vehicles hundreds of miles with limited time to rest. We've explored the topic of truck driver fatigue extensively on this blog, but long hours and strict demands are just one part of the equation.

Too many truckers on the road without qualifying credentials

Drive down any highway in America and you are likely to pass -- or get passed by -- a large 18-wheeler. Out on the interstate, it often seems as if there are more tractor trailers than passenger cars. As the saying goes, America moves by truck. But have you ever wondered whether every driver behind the wheels of those big rigs is fully qualified?

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