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The health condition that's putting American drivers at risk

In the world of commercial trucking, time is money. Truck drivers are expected to drive massive vehicles hundreds of miles with limited time to rest. We've explored the topic of truck driver fatigue extensively on this blog, but long hours and strict demands are just one part of the equation.

Obsession with smart devices can create danger on the road

There was a time when your personal phone was tethered to a wire in the wall. And when you wanted to check the latest news, you had to find a newspaper or wait for an evening broadcast on the television. But now, if you carry a smartphone or other device connected to the internet, you can take a call or check the news at any minute of the day.

Who is liable if a driverless truck gets into an accident?

Several companies are making strides in designing and testing driverless semi-trucks. One company, late last year (now owned by Uber) famously operated a driverless truck across the country to make a Budweiser delivery (the truck was taken over by a human operator when it exited the freeway). The proliferation of driverless trucks seems only a few years away. But, in this new world, who is responsible for driverless trucks? Who is responsible for injuries?

AAA says lack of sleep is dangerous

We've all been tired behind the wheel. Whether it's because of restless night of sleep before our daily commute or traveling long distances under a tight deadline, the results can be dangerous if not lethal for yourself or others. According to "Acute Sleep Deprivation and Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash Involvement," a new 19-page report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers who don't get enough of sleep in a 24-hour period face increasing odds of a crash.

Truck Enforcement Goes up in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

The motor carrier officials will turn their sights on commercial truckers during the week of December 5-9. The so-called "Eyes on 94" will focus on the I-94 corridor and other major highways criss-crossing Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The idea is for law enforcement officers to focus on violations that commonly cause crashes - speeding, distracted driving, improper passing and improper lane use.

DOT Proposes New Guidelines to Address Driver Distraction

It's obvious to anyone who drives that we and our fellow drivers are more distracted than ever before. Of course cars now have screens, internet access, mapping, satellite radio and other modern gadgetry, but it is mobile devices that still pose the biggest danger.

Whiplash can be slow to show up after an accident

Even after experiencing a major car accident, some people may think they feel OK. But it's important to seek medical attention and wait a few days to see if new symptoms emerge. Whiplash, a common injury after rear-end collisions and other traffic accidents, can often be slow to manifest.

How to prevent childhood injuries

Your children are a piece of your heart and soul. Thinking about ways they could get hurt out in the world can be a scary thing. Especially with infants and small children, it seems everywhere you turn, there are hazards to their health and safety. The world is not baby-proofed or child-proofed everywhere they go. Fortunately, there are a few things you can keep in mind and take precautions to prevent childhood accidents or injuries inside and outside the home as much as possible.

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