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Ohio commercial vehicle accident claims life of woman

For many people, there are few things that can rival spending time with family and loved ones. However, even the most ordinary events, such as traveling with children, can turn into tragedy without warning. A recent outing for an Ohio woman ended in tragedy when her vehicle was caught up in a commercial vehicle accident.

A commercial vehicle accident can deliver horrific injuries

Several years ago, a package delivery company used the tag line "What can Brown do for you?" as a way of implying that the company can make your daily life easier with fast delivery of your packages. Unfortunately, however, these services and their vehicles can cause devastating harm if you or a loved one become a victim of a commercial vehicle accident. Ohio residents have seen their fair share of tragedies caused by these collisions.

Lawmakers want to remove minors' information in bus crash reports

In most circumstances, whenever there is a serious wreck, the accident report is a matter of public record. However, two Ohio lawmakers are seeking to modify that policy in regard to minor children who are victims of a bus crash. They believe that the names of minors should be withheld from public disclosure.

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