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Ohio Supreme Court upholds attorney's disbarment

An Ohio attorney has been permanently prohibited from practicing law in the state by a majority ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court. Charges were filed against the attorney by the Lake County Bar Association in February 2014 after questions were raised about his conduct in a number of cases. The embattled lawyer blamed his problems on depression caused by a series of personal tragedies, but he admitted that he had violated several rules of professional conduct. The Supreme Court upheld the man's disbarment by a 4-3 vote.

Changes in patent law obviate malpractice claim

Business owners and attorneys operating in Ohio might be interested in the details of a legal malpractice case involving intellectual property and applying still-new patent standards. Encyclopedia Britannica filed the malpractice suit in 2010 after it was unable to enforce a number of patents. The defendant in the case was the law firm that had filed the patents on Britannica's behalf in 1993.

Legal malpractice lawsuits

Ohio residents will likely know that doctors and hospitals may face medical malpractice lawsuits when they make mistakes that cause injury, loss or damage to their patients, but they may not know that attorneys may also be sued for malpractice. However, a plaintiff must establish that an attorney acted negligently or failed to abide by established codes of ethical and professional conduct to successfully pursue such a claim, and simply not obtaining a favorable result will not usually be sufficient to support a legal malpractice claim.

Common Ohio legal malpractice cases

When people entrust their case to an attorney, they do so trusting that the attorney will follow through will zealously advocate for their interests and will protect their property. Unfortunately, a minority of attorneys fail at the ethical and legal duties they owe to their clients. When such a failure occurs, people sometimes then file legal malpractice lawsuits against the attorney.

Legal malpractice in Ohio

When you have a legal issue, you will most likely consult with an attorney. The initial meeting may leave you with the belief that your attorney can handle your legal matter in a competent way. Lawyers are expected to treat their cases and clients with a high degree of ethics. Yet, some lawyers fail to meet this expectation, potentially causing serious financial consequences for their clients.

Failure to protect client's interests costs attorney $1.2M

A lot can be at stake in any legal proceeding. In criminal matters, a person's liberty and reputation may be at risk. In civil cases, an individual's financial security could hang in the balance. Each system has its own rules of operation.

Suit alleges reality show distraction led to legal malpractice

What court should have jurisdiction? That's a question that often gets raised whenever legal action is undertaken. It happens in Ohio criminal courts. And as a story recently reported out of Philadelphia reflects, it can also happen within the civil courts.

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