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MRI positioning could impact results for breast cancer patients

Ohio women may be interested in a study that suggests the position a breast cancer patient is placed in for her pre-surgical breast MRI could impact the accuracy of the scan. The small-scale study was published in the journal Radiology on June 22.

Plastic surgery results in coma

Ohio residents who are considering plastic surgery should keep in mind that it can carry dangers like any other surgical procedure. In 2013, a Florida doctor who had served time in prison for selling drugs online illegally was performing breast augmentation surgery on an 18-year-old woman. She suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate during the surgery. The doctor attempted to revive her, but the Florida Department of Health found that he provided an inadequate airway in the process. The woman fell into a two-week coma.

Recommendations for reducing medical errors

People in Ohio may have heard that there is an increasing awareness of the high incidence of medical errors. One published study has found that as many as 250,000 people may die annually in the United States because of these errors. Few of those errors are as high profile as the case of comedian Joan Rivers whose family settled a malpractice suit with the New York clinic where she was treated and died.

Study shows how pharmacists can help HIV patients

When Ohio hospital patients make the transition to outpatient facilities or home-based care, there is always a risk of medication errors. HIV patients are especially susceptible to this issue during transitional care. However, a study published in HIV Medicine shows evidence that pharmacists can play a critical role in reducing transition-of-care medication errors for HIV patients.

Surgery patients may be in danger from forgotten tools

According to medical device manufacturers, one out of every 5,500 surgeries will result in a surgical tool being accidentally forgotten and left inside a patient's body. The vast majority of these devices, or about 70 percent, are surgical sponges. Hospital administrators in Ohio and around the country may know that such incidents result in a total of $2.4 billion in losses to health care systems.

Medical software crashes during heart surgery

Hospital administrators in Ohio and around the country were no doubt aghast when they heard that a patient who was undergoing heart surgery was put at serious risk after a computer software crashed. This software reportedly monitored tubes that were essential to the surgery and showed the doctor data as the surgery was being performed.

Doctor accused of negligence related to the suicide of NFL's Seau

Ohio pro football fans likely remember Junior Seau, the star linebacker who played for the San Diego Chargers. He committed suicide in 2012, and now the team's former doctor has been charged with gross negligence for prescribing sleep medication to Seau before the suicide.

When should patients worry about past medical malpractice claims

It can be very concerning for Ohio patients to learn that their doctor has had a medical malpractice case filed against them in the past. However, not all medical malpractice cases lead to an admission of guilt. Many cases settle before the case ever goes to trial. The doctor may not have been at fault. Even with this knowledge, it still can be difficult to know when to worry.

Medical errors may kill more than previously thought

Ohio residents may be dismayed to learn about a study showing that medical errors could be the third-highest cause of fatalities in the United States. The study, which was published in BMJ, places medical error-related deaths just behind heart disease and cancer.

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