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Ohio car crash causes injuries to drivers

Many people may associate late nights or rush hours with a higher risk for being involved in a traffic accident. However, a serious car crash can occur any time of day without warning. A mid-day wreck in Ohio resulted in two people suffering serious injuries.

First deadly self-driving car crash involved semi-truck

Nearly a year and a half ago, a Tesla enthusiast was fatally injured in a car crash while in autopilot mode. This was the first fatality reported for the self-driving cars that are becoming more popular each year.

There will still be problems with self-driving vehicles

In the last few weeks, we have spoken about two critical issues out on the road right now: distracted driving and the concept of self-driving or autonomous vehicles. With any luck, self-driving cars will drastically cut down the accident rate for all vehicle types, mainly because these vehicles will eliminate the common factor in most accidents: the human element.

Safety features help reduce injuries but car accident rates up

For the first time in approximately 10 years, the number of vehicle crashes has climbed instead of decreased. Even though drivers have access to more safety equipment than before, the increase in the numbers of miles traveled have seemed to coincide with the risk of getting involved in a serious car accident. In Ohio alone, the numbers of crashes between 2014 and 2015 increased by more than 10 percent.

Suspected distracted driver accidents claim 2 lives in Ohio

Insurance companies recognized years ago that young drivers are more likely to get involved in car accidents. With the arrival of cellphones and texting technology, teenagers are even more likely to be involved in a distracted driver accident. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that two people were killed in separate crashes recently.

Ohio auto accident results in serious injuries for several people

Many experienced drivers take it for granted that their skills will prevent any mishaps. In reality, that's not always the case. Unfortunately, some motorists rely on their supposed skills to take unnecessary risks.  One Ohio auto accident was apparently caused by a driver's attempt to pass a large vehicle on a two-way highway. The resulting crash caused several to suffer serious injuries.

Victim of crash faces weeks of pain and suffering after dragging

Those who enjoy riding motorcycles willingly face the possible dangers that are posed by road conditions, adverse weather and distracted drivers. However, there are accidents that are preventable and result in a victim facing weeks or months of pain and suffering as they work to recover. A recent accident in Ohio has taken a heavy toll on one unfortunate victim.

Serious Ohio car accident attributed to wrong-way driver

Commuting by way of the local interstates can be a frustrating and even dangerous undertaking under the best of conditions. When conditions are less than favorable, such as during poor lighting or heavy traffic, then the risk of getting involved in a serious car accident often increases. An Ohio accident recently sent two drivers to local medical centers.

Several suffer critical injuries in multi-vehicle car accident

Heavy summer traffic means delays from construction and other obstacles. When drivers are not fully attentive of the conditions ahead, a serious car accident can result. Recently, several Ohio travelers were caught up in two separate wrecks that sent several victims to area hospitals.

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