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How to prevent childhood injuries

Your children are a piece of your heart and soul. Thinking about ways they could get hurt out in the world can be a scary thing. Especially with infants and small children, it seems everywhere you turn, there are hazards to their health and safety. The world is not baby-proofed or child-proofed everywhere they go. Fortunately, there are a few things you can keep in mind and take precautions to prevent childhood accidents or injuries inside and outside the home as much as possible.

Staying safe by an Ohio pool

If a homeowner owns a pool, it is his or her responsibility to make sure that it is in safe working condition throughout the year. Homeowners are generally responsible for the safety of all invited guests at all times even when a pool may not be in use. To protect both adults and children on the property, there are some basic pool safety steps that can be taken.

Disney was warned of gator danger prior to deadly attack

Ohio parents are likely aware of the horrific alligator attack that killed a 2-year-old boy at Disney World in June. According to media reports, employees warned Disney that alligators were a problem around the lagoon prior to the deadly incident and asked that a fence be erected to protect guests.

Young adults slip or fall frequently

Ohio residents may not know that, according to research from Purdue University, young adults are more likely than their elders to trip and fall while engaging in everyday activities, such as walking and talking. The study took place over four months and took daily data via an online survey from 94 undergraduate students.

Former Ohio private prison operator sued by Jimmy Dimora

It has been reported that Jimmy Dimora, the former Cuyahoga County Commissioner who is currently serving a 28-year federal prison sentence, will be allowed to proceed with his slip-and-fall personal injury lawsuit filed against Corrections Corporation of America. The lawsuit was filed over injuries Mr. Dimora received before he was sentenced and while he was housed in a Youngstown prison operated by the private prison company.

Attractive nuisances lure children into danger

For many Ohio residents, the term "attractive nuisance" may seem like a contradiction. Nuisance is commonly used to describe something that is annoying, but the legal tort of nuisance applies to dangerous as well as irritating situations. The term is used to describe something that is both dangerous and highly alluring to children, and it was first applied to railroad turntables in a 19th Century U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The importance of being careful on outdoor attractions

Many people in Ohio greatly enjoy outdoor festivities, such as carnivals, fairs and picnics. These special events often feature rides and other attractions, including trampolines or bungee jumping, for the amusement of attendees. Unfortunately, these attractions occasionally lead to serious injuries suffered by unsuspecting riders.

Woman sues restaurant known for throwing rolls

A woman has sued a Missouri restaurant known for throwing rolls, claiming she was injured by one of the rolls. She alleges in her complaint that the roll caused "serious and permanent damage" and is asking for at least $25,000 in damages. In Ohio and all other states, business owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers.

6 killed, 7 injured in balcony collapse

Ohio students may be shocked to learn that six people were killed in California when a balcony collapsed on June 16 during a college party. The six individuals were identified as three women and three men all within their early 20s. Seven other individuals suffered injuries due to the collapse; although, the severity of their injuries have not been reported.

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