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School bus involved in tractor-trailer crash in Ohio

One of a parent's worst nightmares is having something happen to a child while under the care of other individuals. Recently, more than three dozen Ohio parents received notice that their children had been caught up in a tractor\-trailer crash while on a trip with their high school class. Fortunately, none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

Battle over electronic trucking log mandate looms

During the last presidential administration, it was decided that a new regulation in the trucking industry may help reduce the risk of some trucking accidents. This law is due to go into effect in the next few weeks and would change the form that all drivers, including those who work for Ohio trucking companies, use for their individual trucking log books. In spite of the assertion that the new law could increase highway safety, there are still opponents of the law.

Ohio police investigation reveals suspended driver's license

When driving along Ohio's local roadways, the majority of motorists likely assume that they are sharing the traffic lanes with other qualified drivers. In reality, there may be many who are operating their vehicles without the proper documents. A police investigation into a recent fatal crash revealed that one commercial driver had a suspended license in addition to possibly faulty equipment.

Volvo safety director discusses ways to prevent truck accident

According to statistics presented at a convention geared toward the trucking industry, an estimated 1.2 million lives are lost due to truck accidents around the world. One presentation by the safety production department of Volvo discussed changing the approach drivers have toward preventing a truck accident. There are countless large vehicle accidents in Ohio every year that might have been preventable if motorists drove proactively.

Technology application may be a factor in a truck accident

The trucking industry has access to more safety technology than ever before. According to several studies and an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, it is how that technology is applied that poses the greatest risk when it comes to avoiding a serious truck accident. Ohio officials have investigated a significant number of these often fatal collisions, and any improvements in commercial truck safety would likely be a welcome tool in the effort to reduce these wrecks.

Man dies after car smashed in violent tractor-trailer crash

Sharing the road with large commercial vehicles may be so commonplace now that many motorists rarely give it a second thought. However, when something goes wrong, these large trucks can cause devastating damage. There are many Ohio families who have endured the tragic aftermath that follows after a serious tractor\-trailer crash.

Self-driving semis may help prevent trucking accident

The trucking industry has helped ensure that goods are always available for consumers regardless of their location in the country. However, along with the increased presence of these large commercial vehicles, there is also the ever-present risk of a serious trucking accident costing more lives. There have been countless Ohio families whose lives have been forever altered due to one of these tragic collisions.

Technology advancements can help prevent a truck accident

During the first 70 plus years of the trucking industry, safety advances were limited and focused primarily on the skills and training of the driver and the equipment. However, during the past 30 years, technology has enabled the industry to make great strides in its safety enhancements. While not every trucking company is fully implementing the available tools, doing so could help ensure the safety of Ohio residents by preventing a tragic truck accident.

Trucking automation is hoped to lessen risks of trucking accident

There has been much talk over the past several decades of the dangers posed to jobs by inevitable advances in automation. One area where it is projected to become a reality is within the trucking industry. Supporters believe that doing so may lessen the chances of a trucking accident. Whether Ohio travelers will benefit remains to be seen.

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